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Arabic Words and Phrases
Food adjectives 
26th-Aug-2007 07:23 pm
مسلوق - boiled (maslūq)
مقلي - fried
مشوي - grilled
محمر - roasted
محشي - stuffed
محروق - burned
مطبوخ - cooked
مفروم - minced
نئ - raw
لذيذ - delicious
طازج - fresh
طبيعي - natural
لين - tender
ناشف - dry
حلو - sweet
حار - hot (as in spicy)
ساخن - hot (as in temperature)
بارد - cold
طعم (ج) طعوم - taste
(Taʿm (pl.) Tuʿūm)
مر - bitter
حامض - sour
فاسد - spoiled
متعفن - rotten

A few colloquial expressions using some of the vocabulary (the first is specifically Levantine, the others are said in Egypt and probably other places too):

ليش بصلتك محروقة؟
leiš baSlitak maHrū'a?
ًWhy is your onion burned? (Why are you in such a rush?)

راسه ناشف
rāsu nāšif.
ًHis head is dry (i.e. he is hard-headed and stubborn).

الحلو حلو لو قام من النوم, والوحش وحش لو غسل وشّه كل يوم.
il-Hilw Hilw law 'ām min in-naum, wal-wiHš wiHš law ġasal wiššu kul yaum.
The beautiful is beautiful even right after rising from sleep, and the ugly is ugly even if they wash their face every day. (You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or make the beautiful ugly.)

أبوك البصل وأمك التوم, منين لك الريحة الحلوة يا مشوم؟
abūk il-baSal wummak it-taum, minein lak ir-rīHa il-Hilwa ya mashūm?
Since your father is an onion and your mother is garlic, from where do you expect to get a pleasant scent, you wretch? (Birth always tells.)
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