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Arabic Words and Phrases
Death and other cheerful things 
28th-Aug-2007 11:33 pm
مات - يموت - موت - to die (māta, yamūtu, maut)
توفى - يتوفي - وفاة - to pass away
(tuwuffiya, yutawaffayu, wafāh)
لقى حتفه/مصرعة - to meet one's death
(laqiya Hatfahu/maSraʿahu)
فارق - يفارق - مفارقة الحياة - to depart from life
(fāraqa, yufāriqu, mufāraqa al-Hayāh)
دفن - يدفن - دفن - to bury
(dafana, yadfinu, dafn)
جثة (ج) جثث - corpse, body
(jutta (pl.) jutat)
شيع - يشيع - تشييع - to see someone off (e.g. at a funeral)
(šayyaʿa, yušayyiʿu, tašyiiʿ)
جنازة (ج) جنازات - funeral
(janāza (pl.) janāzāt)
جبانة (ج) جبانات or مقبرة (ج) مقابر - graveyard
(jabbāna (pl.) jabbānāt or maqbara (pl.) maqābir)
قبر (ج) قبور - grave
(qabr (pl.) qubūr)
تعزية - condolence
مرحوم - deceased
مأسوف - the late lamented, mourned
الله يرحمه - God have mercy on him, God rest his soul
(allāh yarHamu)
قتل - يقتل - قتل - to kill
(qatala, yaqtulu, qatl)
أصاب - يصيب - إصابة or جرح - يجرح - جرح - to injure, wound
(aSāba, yuSību, iSāba or jaraHa, yajraHu, jarH)
ضحية (ج) ضحايا - victim
(DaHiyya (pl.) DaHāya)
مدني (ج) مدنيون - civilian
(madani (pl.) madaniyūn)
برئ (ج) أبرياء - innocent
(bari' (pl.) abriyā')
أعزل (ج) عزل - unarmed
(aʿzal (pl.) ʿuzl)
شهيد (ج) شهداء - martyr
(šahīd (pl.) šuhadā')

ِA couple of colloquial (Egyptian) expressions that can be used as condolences to family members/friends when someone dies:

شدّ حيلك
(šidd Hailak) - Be strong. (This one can also be used when someone is about to face a challenging event, like a test or job interview.)
البقية في حياتك
(il-ba'iyya fi Hayātak) - something like "May his/her spirit remain in your life" (very loosely translated) (Some people may view this as sacrilegious -- see here, for example -- so you may want to stick with شد حيلك if you want to be really safe.)
29th-Aug-2007 07:43 am (UTC)
Thank you! )) Very useful.
29th-Aug-2007 10:20 am (UTC)
You're welcome! :)
25th-May-2009 01:47 am (UTC) - Gravestone plaque
Hello, I was planning on getting a plaque made up for my islamic aunt. I was hoping to have a phrase in arabic. I am aware of the allah akbar, but didn't know whether any other phrases may be appropriate in addition to this? Can anyone suggest, advise, supply me with the english version so as I can get it transposed into Arabic. Any websites helpful?
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